What We Do


The PriMed Process

At PriMed, we believe it is critical to handle billing not just with great software but also with great people who know the medical billing industry inside and out. To ensure speedy payment, our business model, called the PriMed Process, incorporates four vital components: expertise, technology, accuracy and service. We integrate these components into a thorough accuracy process that can save you time and money from denied claims.


Billing Expertise / Technology

  • Billing expertise from a dedicated team of specialists with more than 50 years of combined experience
  • State-of-the-art technology through web-based billing software and real-time, electronic claims processing 


Accuracy / Service

  •  Four-point accuracy system that means less errors and more paid claims. See how we incorporate these four checkpoints into our billing process in the column on the right.
  •  Personal and proactive customer service with clients, carriers and patients