Why Choose Us



At PriMed, we know the billing function of  your practice is vital to your business, but we also understand that insurance companies continue to make it difficult for you to practice medicine while managing that function. How can you focus on patients when you must not only juggle developments within your profession and your practice, but also navigate thousands of reimbursement codes and requirements? With PriMed, you can save money, improve cash flow and ensure that your billing gets proper attention–all at no interruption to you.



It’s true. With PriMed, you don’t have to hire an employee to do your billing, and that can substantially reduce or even eliminate some of your office costs. No salary, benefits or additional office equipment. No need for special software or coding reference materials. Plus, think about this: an in-house office biller has to be paid regardless of what he or she collects. Not so with us. We negotiate a fee with you, and our compensation is based on what we collect. If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid. And you can get started without any significant up-front costs. A small, initial investment is all that is necessary to set up our database and you are ready to go. Contact us for details. 



PriMed clients see immediate improvement in cash flow. Why? Our sole focus is billing. We work diligently to maximize collections and get bills processed properly and quickly the first time. We have created a method called the PriMed Process that ensures accuracy from initial referral to final payment. Our experience allows us to recognize what will and will not be paid before claims are ever sent to payers, so we carefully review claims before they are ever submitted.

Our goal is to collect 100% of what you have rightfully earned, whether that’s through your contracts with insurance carriers or directly from patients. Many billers write off unpaid bills too quickly. We don’t give up easily. Any unpaid claims over 30 days receive monthly follow-up, and, when necessary, we file appropriate appeals. We take customer service seriously and always go the extra mile for you. Ask us about it. We’ll be happy to share some examples with you.



 When you work with us, your billing process is fast and easy. We help you set up a consistent billing schedule that fits the size of your practice. We process nearly all claims electronically through AdvancedMD®, a web-based billing software that is considered the best product for physician office and billing office management available. All you have to do is electronically submit the patient data and charge slip, and we do the rest. We receive billing information in real-time and immediately begin the reimbursement process. Usually, claims decisions are made within a month, and Medicare Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are automatically posted into our system. 


You can rest easy. At PriMed, all your patient and billing data is maintained securely and backed up

You can rest easy. At PriMed, all your patient and billing data is maintained securely and backed up. Our web-based software backs up all your billing data multiple times in multiple locations throughout the U.S. There is no need for manual backups ever again. In addition, our data server is protected by fire-wall hardware, and virus and malicious programs software, and we maintain strict user password policies at our offices. 



When we work with you, we become an extension of your practice—and we represent you in a professional manner. We continually reinvest in our knowledge of the healthcare industry and maintain affiliations with organizations, such as the American Medical Billers Association, to ensure we stay abreast of the ever-changing policies and coding procedures that affect your practice. All patients’ statements are formatted professionally and issued in a timely manner. When communicating with insurance carriers, the PriMed staff represents your office professionally, knowledgably and with the utmost courtesy. Unlike many other billing services, we also work directly with your patients to field billing/insurance questions or problems. And when difficult cases arise, we work compassionately with your patients throughout the entire process.

PriMed is a company that values integrity—both yours and ours. Our job is to help you get paid what you are due, and we will work hard to do so. But we also believe in doing business ethically and with integrity. We are committed to compliance in all areas, and we strictly adhere to all applicable regulations and guidelines for third-party medical billing companies. Our compliance program follows the guidelines published by the Office of the Inspector General.

Our Promise

  • Act as an extension of the practice
  • Represent the provider professionally, knowledgably and with utmost courtesy
  • Stay abreast of policies and coding procedures that affect his/her specific practice
  • Work diligently to help the provider get paid what is due
  • Work ethically and with integrity